The members club to expand your international network

An initiative born in July 2018, GloWB is the new members’ club, uniquely dedicated to connecting international women in the business world.

GloWB offers a network of professional women in over 20 countries and has on the ground presence in London, Madrid, Luxembourg and Dubai.

We believe in a fresh, factual approach to promoting equality in business: a digital global network of women sharing an international background in business and the willingness to pick up the phone to support each other.

We are global women- we mean business. As simple as that.


    Our network spreads across over 20 countries with members working in several industries- from banking to energy to advertising and many others


    All our members share a multi-year international career and are selected by our team. GloWB’s network is promoted through word of mouth from existing members


    • Being global means being digital: we will soon launch a platform that will allow you to find and get in touch with other members online, wherever they are

A note from the founder, Chiara Molena

I was born in Italy but spent the last 10 years between Russia, China, Australia and now the UK, travelling for work. During this journey I met a number of incredible women, successful and driven, who chased their dreams and careers around the world. Countless times I was offered support and many times I was able to give some help myself. I always believed that women who chased down their careers around the world were somehow a community. If you are reading, you might know how it feels like to meet ‘one of us’ and be talking like you’ve always known her after only five minutes. In July 2018 we decided to create a network to connect these amazing women around the world. A few months later, thanks to incredible network in Madrid and our partner BICG who supported GloWB, we were able to launch our club with an event attended by professional women from 16 nationalities.

All the while, we have been busy working on our digital platform that will launch in January and include a members directory and private messaging functions, making it easier for members to connect.

You won’t hear us pep-talking about equality- we just believe in helping each other out in a practical, concrete manner, enabling more women to the top.

We are international women.
We love what we do- we have chased it around the world.
We love diversity and inclusiveness. We get things done.
We believe that Global Women Mean Business.

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